Car Hire Bologna Airport

Search for an affordable car rental at Bologna Airport quote today. Don’t waste your money on expensive rental cars. The city of Bologna can be found in the Po Valley in the Northern area of Italy. Bologna is among Italy’s most modern, lively metropolitan areas while at the same time it boasts the oldest College in Europe which was established in 1088. Bologna International Airport is alternately known as the Guglielmo Marconi Airport. It is a mere 6 km’s from the city. It also serves the nearby cities of Borgo Panigale, Lame and Lippo. The airport is indeed an extremely contemporary one and is also full of all of the amenities that an air traveler may require. It’s composed of 2 large terminals which are serviced by shuttle buses. It is the third biggest airport as far as importance and dimension is concerned in Italy. It has the capacity to serve twenty million vacationers yearly.

When you get to Bologna, the first things that you’ll discover would be the red brick structures and the distinctive architectures of the metropolis as showcased by the appealing terracotta roofs and also the very wealthy historical past that makes it. Drive over to Piazza Maggiore and Piazza del Nuttuno as you discover this interesting town. These 2 are probably the most notable parks within the vicinity. Referred to as the college city due to being the home of the oldest college in Europe Alma Mater Studiorum which was founded in 1088. Bologna is as famous because of its sumptuous array of connoisseur cuisine as it is for its stunning historic attractions having been named the European capital of culture in the year 2000. Even though the metropolis of Pisa is celebrated for its leaning tower Bologna in reality has two referred to as Le Due Tomi or The Two Towers. The towers are dominant features of Bologna’s skyline and comprise the town’s most recognizable landmarks.

At 97 metres the Torre Asinelli is the largest tower providing guests panoramic views throughout Bolonga whilst the second Torre Garisenda stands at just 48 metres. A primary feature of Bologna is its 2 squares known as the Piazza Maggiore and the Piazza del Nettuno which is also exactly where the famed sixteenth century Fountain of Neptune resides. A stroll through these squares which are located beside one another may also lead you to several of the town’s attractions such as the Basilica di San Petronio which is Bologna’s largest church and the 5th largest basilica within the globe and numerous palazzo that are grand buildings known for their architecture and frequently their occupants. Heading out from the metropolis you may take some time to visit Reggio Emilia. This city is found about three quarters way in the direction of Parma and is between sixty and seventy kms from Bologna. 

The most fascinating features of this area include Pietra di Bismantova that is a very fascinating mountain that is nicely worth climbing. Bologna like its name implies is also a great place for food. Its food is beautiful and full of taste. All of the favorites consist of remarkable quantities of meats and cheese. Bologna also has its specialty pasta which is called Tortellini. Now this is a well-liked dish across the world and for good reason.