Car Hire Catania Airport

If you need a rental car in Italy then search for a quote today. The international airport is situated about five kms from Catania which is the second biggest city in Sicily. Catania is the busiest international airport in Sicily. First port of call in Catania should be a visit to the Piazza del Duomo exactly where you’ll find the cathedral which was created by the renowned architect Vaccarini. Here you can also get a look at the Fountain of the Elephant that is the icon of Catania.

Saint Agatha is the patron saint of Catania. San Agata alla Fornace church contains a furnace exactly where Saint Agatha reputably became a martyr for the Romans. More fantastic architectural delights could be enjoyed by taking a stroll down Via Crociferi. There are some superb examples of Baroque architecture such as the Piazza San Francesco exactly where you will find the Jesuit complex and the San Benedetto Church. The influence of Vaccarini is really prominent here.

In Sicily, there lies the ideal antidote to the overcast skies and disappointing temperatures of most Irish and British summers. Although Sicily gained infamy for giving birth to Mafia crime, the majority of its inhabitants rely on agriculture to survive and is what draws so many site visitors to this beatific Italian isle. As a result of the abundant olive, lemon and orange groves, the air is filled with scent and colour, which acts as a tonic towards the senses and a taste sensation when put to great use in the delicious local cuisine. Sea food dishes made with freshly caught fish and sweet pastries for example cannolis are conventional right here There are lots of local Sicilian specialties available in the restaurants of Catania. An abundance of fresh fish signifies that you will find some really sumptuous fish dishes on menus. Get some olives and sun dried tomatoes on the side.

It is really worth taking a drive to Mount Etna which is the leading active European volcano. Fans of pistachio ice cream will wish to visit the city of Bronte which has several pistachio farms. Get it at the source! There are lots of beaches and fantastic secluded spots to be found in and around Catania. For those traveling towards the east coast of the island and coming into Catania Airport terminal, there are a wealth of locations to go to and experiences to appreciate all the way along, although Catania itself is really worth a look around. Flights to Catania leave from Gatwick Airport and direct routes are offered by British Airways, Thomson Flights and Air Malta while Aer Lingus offer flights from Ireland. Usually people bypass this ancient city and use it merely as an entry point, which is a shame as Catania is home to an amazing array of historical treasures.

Examples of its different lineage are evident from the Baroque stylings of the Catania Duomo Church of St Benedict and countless palaces and the ruins of Roman thermal baths, aqueducts and burial mounts, too like a Greek acropolis and Greek-Roman amphitheatre. Most people journeying to the region opt to get a car rental Catania Airport deal as this offers them the freedom to take in the entire region and set their personal itinerary. A forty minute drive north is Taormina, a picture perfect hillside town which provides some of the most memorable views down over the Ionia Sea and out to Mount Etna. It’s everything and much more that a typical Italian town ought to be and provides the perfect mixture of old world charm and new world convenience.

You will find lots of sites to see right here, for example the Palazzo Duca di S. Stefano and Arabian necropolis, shopping opportunities are good on the main Corso Umberto and an abundance of stunning beaches reachable by cable car or by way of the normal shuttle buses that run through the hotels. Activities in the region include everything from tennis to scuba diving and boasts the spectacular Picciolo Golf Club.