Car Hire Porto Airport

Grab a car rental Porto Airport deal from our cost comparison booking engine. We offer car rental in hundreds of other destinations all through Portugal. Hiring a car in Porto means that there are many fantastic beaches and towns within very easy reach. The picturesque city of Guimarães is certainly worth a look and although it’s a distance away, Coimbra offers a fascinating glimpse of Portugal’s medieval era. Braganca makes for an excellent family day out with its fantastic castle and grounds. Porto is the second biggest town in Portugal and is situated within the north of the nation.

It is popularity has grown steadily over the years with an influx of visitors from many countries such as Ireland. Getting to Porto from Ireland is normally great value. Ryanair provide flights from Dublin Air-port to Porto.

We have working relationships with a number of local car companies. When you book with us, we lookup all the top notch rent a car companies to get you the best deal. Porto Airport is officially known as Francisco Sá Carneiro Air port. It had been named as an honour towards the Portuguese prime minister who died tragically due to a plane accident in 1980.

Because of the circumstance of his death there was some concern over naming an international airport in honour of him nevertheless it was eventually decided on. The air port is an 11 km drive in your Porto rental car from the city of Porto. It caters for the 3rd biggest number of passengers in Portugal behind Faro and Lisbon. The airport terminal could be extended in the coming years due to increasing numbers. Porto is of course well-known as the home place of Port wine. You will find plenty of destinations to go and sample Port. Guided tours are accessible where once you finish you will have an opportunity to purchase port of your selection.

Porto is a little town that is a lot of fun to discover little bit by bit. The Torre dos Clérigos tower provides a bird’s eye view of the city and is well worth every single one of the two hundred and forty steps you require to climb to get there. The Sé Cathedral and Palácio da Bolsa are also  worth a stop off. The Parque da Cidade makes for a  good place to sit and relax for a bit. You may need it after climbing some of the steep streets of Porto. There are lots of nearby specialties to sample within the restaurants of Porto. Meat lovers will definitely wish to attempt the Francesinha that is made with bread, wet-cured ham, linguiça, sausage, steak and smothered with cheese and a piping rich tomato and beer sauce. Believe me you definitely wont be hungry after this. Tripas á moda do Porto or tripe is also really worth trying.

You will naturally be able to discover all your usual favorites in Porto dining places if you aren’t the adventurous type with regards to food. Good value for your cash is accessible in most dining places. There’s no shortage of festivals in Porto all through the year. The São João Festival is certainly the primary event with barbeques, live outdoor music and fireworks. Porto football stadium tours are provided at a reasonable cost.