Car Hire Shannon Airport

Take a look at our excellent value for money car rental Shannon Airport offers now. We compare prices from several top local suppliers guaranteeing you a superb deal. Tourists who want to visit an area that is full of attractions and sightseeing should consider going to Shannon, Ireland. Once visitors arrive they can pick and choose from countless tourist activities. The airport offers several routes to destinations all over the world while the option of hiring a car at Dublin Airport is also worth considering as it is just a 3 hour drive.

One of the most popular attractions in this area is the Burren. The Burren is famous for its landscape and wildlife. Those who are looking for something a little different can opt to go under the Burren. The Aillwee Caves lead under the mountainside. This area was carved out by an underground river during the early Ice Age. Due to this, it contains remarkable natural features and formations. If you would like to be taken in a small group of 15 people on daily guided outings to explore the Burren hills and by the sea, be taken to the best restaurants and cafes to sample the local cuisine and to start each day with yoga and meditation classes suitable for all ages and level, then why not have a look at Burren Eco Yoga Retreat Holidays.

Those who want to explore the prehistoric and early Christian past of Ireland further can head to Craggaunowen. This area is not too far away from Shannon. It is located at Sixmilebridge in County Clare. Both children and adults will find the ancient homesteads fascinating. Travelers can also visit the Brendan boat. This boat is made of hides and was used by Tim Severin to sail across the Atlantic.

When people think of Ireland, they often picture rolling green hills. What many people do not know is that the area has a picturesque seaside and interesting sea life. Tourists that pass through Shannon can take a boat into the Shannon Estuary. This is a great opportunity to see dolphins in the wild. As there are approximately 100 dolphins in the community, the chances of seeing one is high.

Lastly, tourists who are interested in aviation can head to Foynes. This area has a museum that plane enthusiasts will love. The museum has full size plane replicas on display. There are a number of ways to explore the Shannon area. As the area is not urban, public transport will be difficult and time consuming to use. Those who look around for a good deal may be able to hire an affordable, attractive and safe vehicle for a reasonable price. Another option is to pay for day tours which include transfer to and from hotel locations. While these tours are expensive, they are also well planned and enjoyable. Ideally, tourists will book their flights, accommodation and tours in advance. This will ensure that they do not have to pay high fees for last minute bookings in the peak holiday season.