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Why not think about using a car rental UK service for your next trip to the United Kingdom. The tourism industry continues to be an essential element of the British economy with over 30 million foreign visitors a year. The UK is ranked among the best rated traveler places in the globe due to its massive selection of varied traveler attractions. Many tourists are attracted to the historic points of interest, such as the numerous castles, with the Royal Family providing much of the pomp and ceremony that remains in demand. Some of the most famous landmarks and attractions are to be discovered in London, such as Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and London Zoo. London is among the most thrilling metropolitan areas within the globe and leads the list of cities to see in the United Kingdom. It is rich in both history and culture. Stroll via some of the numerous museums and galleries that could be discovered right here. Enjoy some time at the British Museum or the famous Tate Gallery. Step back in time when you stroll via the Tower of London. Take some pictures on the Tower Bridge or with celebrities at Madame Tussuad’s Wax Museum. Don’t forget to stop at Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Appreciate the tradition of the changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. This happens at 11.30am each and every day and lasts for half an hour. Mayfair provides some of the greatest spots to shop for chocolates, cigars, and antiques and Harrod’s is quite wonderful. Finish up an enjoyable filled day time by taking in a show or concert. You will find more than 100 theaters to select from such as Shakespeare’s Theatre. The original burnt down and was re-opened in 1997 as an open air theater. The hotels and restaurants in London cater to every taste and budget. There are five major airports in London (Heathrow, Stansted, Gatwick, Luton, London City Airport) as well as an underground and great bus system. All this combines to make a excellent holiday in London. Scotland is tremendously popular with tourists who flock to Edinburgh to visit Edinburgh Castle or any of the many festivals which are held all through the year. Other popular holiday places in Scotland consist of the town of Glasgow, Stirling which is well-known for the historically essential Stirling Castle, Pitlochry and other towns of the Highlands like Inverness and Fort William.

The more adventurous visitors take their holiday in the Highlands and Islands in the Inner and Outer Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland are some of the remotest components of the UK. The United Kingdom is recognised for its organic beauty. Among the most stunning spots to hike or bike close to is the Isle of Skye situated off the west coast of Mainland Scotland. The amazing landscapes of Skye makes this one of the top locations to go to in the United Kingdom.  As you hike about the isle it is possible to catch a glimpse of Red Deer, Otters and the Golden Eagle. Wild flowers are everywhere when you walk through the hills or by the coast. Look out  for dolphins and sharks on the boat tours that sail close to the Island.

Spend an additional day going to the seal colony or shopping at some of the numerous craft shops that can be discovered there. Wales is a predominantly a rural nation with a number of fine castles and other historic tourist attractions. The capital city, Cardiff, is both an ancient city and a young town, thoroughly modern day in it’s outlook. Cardiff, a town for around one hundred years has a castle which is claimed to be around two thousand years old and is well worth a visit. The modern day Millennium Stadium and also the Wales Millennium Centre are some of the most current attractions and are venues for some magnificent events.

The Doctor Who Exhibition is of great interest to fans of the BBC show and they will be happy to hear that the center is a quality attraction at the moment. Northern Ireland is recovering rapidly from the troubles and is very quickly growing in recognition as a vacation destination. For many years there was conflict between people who desired the region to be returned to the Irish country and people who desired to remain part of the UK. Today it’s peaceful and locations like Carrickfergus Castle which is possibly Ireland’s best Medieval castle and several beaches like Portrush Whiterocks Beach prove extremely popular with visitors.