Faro Food and Shopping

Faro is located in the southern part of Portugal. It is also situated at a lagoon which gives this city a wide variety of bird life. It is rich in culture and has a interesting history.

But the question is – are there shopping opportunities for those who love shopping? and good food for the food lover? Yes, there certainly is.

Faro offers a wide variety of shops, entertainment and restaurants. It is rather charming to walk around in this old, but cosmopolitan city. Shops vary from handcrafts to sweets, pastry and much more. Dom Rodrigos is known for its almond-based sweets. Even from the 15th century this City has been known as a trading center. Massimo Dutti and Berska are some of the high standard department stores. There are more than 50 shops here. There is also a big supermarket. For those who need a break in their shopping there is also a cinema complex. Portuguese leather goods are ideal for souvenirs and are available outside town at the flea-market. Handcrafts can also be found there.

Faro has many restaurants that food lovers can enjoy and choose from. Fish dishes will be on the menu of most of the Portuguese restaurants. Fresh fish is caught daily so there will be a large selection of fish and shellfish. You will surely find traditional grilled sardines on the menu. Omlettes, febras (thin slices of pork) and chicken Piri-piri will also be on most traditional restaurants menu.

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Traditional fish restaurants will have different fish specialties and shellfish specialties. Cod is a typical fish used in Portugal and is found in many fish dishes. A stew called Caldeirada is made of a variety of fish and different shellfish, and is served with potato, onion and tomato. Traditional starters usually consist of fresh bread, sardine paté, cheese and olives. Fresh soups are also served as starters.

“Bacalhau” is a very traditional dish and it is cod which is dried in fresh sea salt. Hot spicy chicken is also part of traditional Portuguese food. it is spiced with piri-piri which is a type of chili pepper. Another specialty with a Portuguese Brazilian influence is a bean stew with pork. tomatoes, herbs, garlic and wine added to it. Traditional deserts are crème caramel and custard tart. Almond tart is also one of the delicacies.