Guide to the Algarve

The Algarve is located in the Southern region of Portugal and is one of the most scenic Mediterranean holiday spots. The region has many beautiful sandy beaches and a lot of natural tourist attractions. The place has an attractive allure and this is why most of the tourists who frequent the place have come to own property in the region. Some of the most popular tourist spots in the Algarve area include the Praia de Marinha and the Aramacao de Perha. Caldes de Monchique is a town that is known for its many spas and most of the tourists who tour this region often will tell you that their visit is never complete without coming to this town.

Another great thing about the Algarve as a tourist destination is the Mediterranean climate. The tropical climate of the region makes sure that the place remains mildly hot all year round unlike places in the Americas and Australia.The Mediterranean climate is usually nothing without the cuisine that comes along with it. There is a wide variety of delicacies from which you can choose. These are usually prepared in the many hotels in the region as well as the numerous restaurants and cafes found in the area.

You really cannot afford to miss visiting the medieval castles especially those in the city of Silve. The city was an important location for the Moors who lived there for centuries. The good news is that there are tour guides in the castles who will take you through the history of the region during the 12th and 13th Century wars between the Muslims and the Christians. As such it serves as a great location for those who love a tourist destination for its historical significance. In fact, it is now a major market in the region where a lot of citrus fruits are grown. The castle of Joao do Rego and the Gothic castle are also other historical attractions worth visiting. Don’t forget to take a look at our car rental Faro Airport options if you plan on holidaying in this region.

Finally, you will find the Omega Parque Zoo in the mountains of the Algarve. Most of the animals kept in the zoo are endangered species such as bamboo lemurs, limos, crowned sifakas and oryx. More so, there is also a marine zoo as well as a slide and splash aqua park. No matter what your interest is – be it nature, beaches, food, history or just fun, chances are that there is something to excite you in the Algarve.