What to See and Do in Faro City

Faro City is an ideal place to visit, perfect for anyone who is looking for an adventurous journey, a journey in which they will be able enjoy excitement and fun while also learning much about the history of the city, along with the history of Portugal as a whole. There is much to do in this area and with all of the many attractions available; those who visit the city will never be bored.

The Faro Archaeological Museum is a popular destination amongst tourists, known for its impressive exhibits and artifacts. There are a number of different artifacts, ranging from sculptures and mosaics to paintings and a whole lot more. This is definitely a beloved museum and it has a reputation amongst tourist for being the perfect place for educational fun. While the museum is considered to be quite small, it still has much to offer overall is very impressive. Anyone who is visiting the city of Faro must visit this museum if they want an enriching experience. Have a look at our current Faro car hire offers.

The Capela dos Ossos, also referred to as the Chapel of Bones in the English language is by far the most unique experience to enjoy while in Faro City. The chapel was first established at some point in the 19th century and it looks very different from any other chapel in existence. In fact, human skulls are lined up in and around the chapel which is what makes it more unique and even a bit frightening. The entrance to the chapel is free so it will not cost visitors a single penny out of their own pockets to enjoy such a historical building, one that has been around since the 1700’s.

The Loule Market, which is located right near the city is the perfect spot for people who enjoy shopping around. The market is most vibrant on Saturday’s which is when traders gather together with one another to sell all sorts of items that are locally grown or made. Some of the items that can be found at the Loule Market include foods ranging from vegetables to cheeses and other sorts, along with handmade pottery. The market is very popular amongst residents and tourists alike and anyone who has the chance to come to the city should stop by. Other popular destinations in the city include the Zoomarine, which is ideal for children and close-by Vilamoura, a town known for its glamor.